The Integral Yoga European Reunion held at Oasis al Hamam in Almeria was an inspiring and powerful coming together of  many integral yoga sangha members. This 4 day event was packed with yoga sessions, Asahi, informational talks and discussions, uplifting kirtan and so much more.

It was wonderful to see the unity in diversity lived by all. Special mention to the staff at the Oasis who catered to our requests and needs with a smile and provided delicious and wholesome meals.

Many connections made; older connections renewed…


“Thanks so much for all you did. An amazing experience “

“Thank you so much for arranging one of the best reunions. The whole team worked so diligently and always with a smile. I’m high on prana and forever grateful for all the work.” 🧡

“What a marvellous retreat.  I’m literally flying!”

“Thank you and big hugs for this amazing week…surfing waves, adjusting, adapting  accommodating”💜

“This Reunion was an elixir tonic for me , leaving me filled with love , joy ,and a deep deep gratitude for Integral Yoga , it is my Saviour”

“The unity , the love , the laughter , the light in everyone’s eyes , was magical “